Pinnick re-affirms NFF’s support for Nigeria Pitch Awards.

President of Nigeria Football Federation,Amaju Pinnick has re-affirmed the Federation’s support for the Nigeria Pitch Awards.

He noted that the annual Awards had become an avenue to identify, honour and celebrate Nigeria’s talented football players and other officials like referees, clubs/teams, coaches and journalists among others.

Pinnick praised Matchmakers Consult International, organisers of the Awards, and also commended the various State Governors who had at various times identified with and supported the Awards.

According to him, the awards, which inaugural edition took place in Calabar in twenty-thirteen has been credible, transparent and widely accepted, adding that he had been convinced that the awards was one of the legacies they federation could bequeath to the next generation.

Pinnick, who stated that the NFF had been partnering with the organisers because the Awards had been spot-on with regards to integrity, encouraged voters across the length and breadth of the nation to continue to participate and support the Nigeria Pitch Awards.

President of the Nigeria Pitch Awards, Shina Philips, expressed the desire of the organizers to continue to uphold the noble ideals of integrity and credibility that have endeared millions of people to the Awards.



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